Central Florida
   Water Initiative

Water for Tomorrow

July 9, 2020, DEP Rule Development Workshop

The Department intends to enter rule development to create rules 62-41.300 through 62-41.305, F.A.C., and the Central Florida Water Initiative (CFWI) Area Supplemental Applicant’s Handbook to implement section 373.0465(2)(d), F.S. These rules will create uniform rules for application for consumptive use permitting within the Central Florida Water Initiative Area.

  • 1:00PM – 3:00PM, Eastern Time
  • This workshop will be broadcast via webinar. Parties can register to attend the webinar via their personal computers with audio by telephone (regular long-distance telephone charges will apply) or by speakers connected to their computer (no telephone charges will apply). Webinar participants may register here.
  • For more information, contact Christina Coger at 850-245-3150 or Christina.G.Coger@FloridaDEP.gov.
  • For more information on draft rules see link below
    Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

*The (technical) teams will not operate as “Sunshine” committees, as their functions will be limited to fact finding and technical analysis. They will conduct fact-finding regarding the Guiding Principles and Collaborative Process Goals of the CFWI 2020 and provide options for implementation of the Guiding Principles and Collaborative Process Goals of the CFWI 2020. They will not be making policy decisions or recommendations or prioritizing options. The technical teams shall obtain instruction from the Steering Committee regarding any potential policy issues that may arise as a result of their investigations.