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Potable water pump station large diameter water main

Potable water pump station large diameter water main

The Central Florida Water Initiative’s (CFWI) primary focus is to provide for more effective water resource planning, development and management procedures. The Regulatory Team will build upon the results of the CFWI technical analysis and planning process, as well as perform additional analysis as detailed below.

Guiding Principle number three for the CFWI is to establish consistent rules and regulations for the three water management districts that meet the collaborative process goals and implement the results of the CFWI.

There is a need to ensure that appropriate management activities (regulatory and non-regulatory) reflect a balanced approach between public interest considerations, permitted water user rights and sustainability of the water resources.

Field crop — broccoli

Field crop — broccoli


The Regulatory Team will:

  • Develop options for consistent regulations as well as identify legislative changes, as needed.
  • Implement the solution strategies identified through the CFWI process.
  • Assist with resource recovery strategies.
  • Provide for equitable and predictable review of consumptive use permit applications among the water management districts.

The Regulatory Team’s scope of work includes:

  • Generate monthly water management district reports of consumptive use program data, such as pending applications, 10-year compliance reports and anticipated renewal applications.
  • Understand the products and deliverables from the Regional Water Supply Plan and identify options to solve regulatory impediments to implementing Team(s) recommendations, including options for regulatory or statutory changes as needed.
  • Develop options for a consistent regulatory definition of sustainable water withdrawals and reasonable-beneficial demands in the CFWI region and associated implementation strategies.
  • Review management activities associated with permitted uses to maximize yield and minimize environmental impacts to maximize use of traditional supplies.
  • Identify options for alignment of regulatory programs to employ appropriate implementation strategies and management activities identified above.
  • Identify a process to analyze implementation of CFWI strategies and provide for ongoing consistency in implementation by the districts.
  • Present findings of the above evaluations to the Management Oversight Committee and Steering Committee.
  • In coordination with the Regulatory Team’s strategies and Solutions Planning Team’s recommended projects, develop options, as needed, to better align permitted quantities with reasonable-beneficial demands over the term of the permit, consistent with State Water Policy concerning water conservation.
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The Regulatory Team is composed of regulatory staff from the South Florida Water Management District, Southwest Florida Water Management District and St. Johns River Water Management District; and a representative from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, public water supply utilities and environmental groups.

The Regulatory Team works under the guidance of the Steering Committee and Management Oversight Committee. The Regulatory Team interacts with the other CFWI technical teams to evaluate regulatory options identified for ensuring sustainable water supplies.

Information about the Regulatory Team’s meetings is available on the meetings page of this website.

Regulatory Team

Team Leader

Kristine Morris

Water Management Districts

Jeff Prather, SJRWMD

Rich Burklew, SJRWMD

Alba Más, SWFWMD

Maria Clemente, SFWMD

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Kristine Morris, Office of Water Policy

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Rebecca Elliot
Steve Lamb


Janet Llewellyn

Public Water Supply Utilities

Krystal Azzarella, Polk County

Chris Russell, OUC

Industrial / Commercial / Institutional / Self-Supply

Dee Allen, Mosaic


Charles Shinn, Farm Bureau

Kent Jorgensen, Deseret

Legal Counsel

Joan Matthews, FDACS

Steven Hall, FDACS

Eric Olsen, I/C/I

Mary Ellen Winkler, SJRWMD

Mike Bray, SWFWMD

Jennifer Brown, SFWMD

Ed de la Parte, Public Water Supply

Silvia Alderman, Public Water Supply